Woman marries man who killed her twin sister

Posted Feb 16, 2013 by Eileen Kersey
What would you do to a man convicted of killing your twin sister? Beat him, want to kill him or perhaps marry him? Yes marry him.
A bride in a very traditional long white wedding dress with train  tiara and white veil.
A bride in a very traditional long white wedding dress with train, tiara and white veil.
David Ball
Argentinian woman Edith Casas, 22, had a twin sister, Johana. The sister was killed shortly before her 20th birthday by former boyfriend Victor Cingolani. He is serving a 13-year jail term for her murder.
On Thursday Edith and Victor married, in a Valentine's Day civil ceremony, in the town of Pico Truncado.
Victor killed, model, Johana in 2010. Edith and Victor planned to marry in December but this was put on hold after Edith's mother applied to the court's for a psychiatric assessment of her daughter. The judge ruled recently that there were no findings that could be used to prevent the wedding.
News AU reports The father was disconsolate.
"For me, they are both dead. Johana is with God and Edith with the devil," said Valentin Casas.
None of Edith's family attended the wedding. Victor was accompanied by armed guards, riot police and a day pass out of prison. After the ceremony around 20 people abandoned the tradition of throwing rice and instead threw rocks and eggs at the groom, Victor Cingolani.
According to the mailonline, Victor exited the ceremony by the back door wearing a disguise, and it was Edith who experienced the wrath of the mob.
So why did Edith marry her twin sister's killer?
Why love of course! Edith claims that she loves Victor and believes that he is innocent of the murder of Johana. Victor is launching an appeal against his conviction for murder and is confident that he will win.
He was convicted in June. Johana died from two gun shots to the head days before her 20th birthday in July 2010. Her body was later found on the outskirts of Pico Truncade, in southern Argentina. The court ruled that Victor was a 'willing participant' in the killing.
Johana shared a home with Marco Diaz. He is also accused of the killing and will be tried in May.
Edith and Victor have been an 'item' for around five years.