Teen creates candy bar to help pay for college

Posted Jan 17, 2013 by Leigh Goessl
A 13-year-old entrepreneur in California has invented a candy bar business to help himself and others with paying for college. He ran a Kickstarter campaign to help get his new venture off the ground.
Screen shot of Tucker Fish  a 13-year-old entrepreneur  who is launching a candy bar business to hel...
Screen shot of Tucker Fish, a 13-year-old entrepreneur, who is launching a candy bar business to help pay for college and also create scholarships
Tucker Fish, 13, created a candy bar with the intentions to launch a business that would help him save for college and also provide scholarships for others, according to Laughing Squid.
The young entrepreneur, with the assistance of his parents Peg Melnik and Tim Fish, launched a campaign on Kickstarter last month.
The product he is raising money to launch is called the "College Bound Bar". The fundraiser was designed in hopes to get funding to purchase raw ingredients in bulk, commercial grade equipment, packaging and also to help offset the costs of marketing the product. Additionally, some of the funds will go towards establishing "a presence online".
The campaign outlined that any additional funds beyond the set goal will be used to rent commercial space and rent space at local markets to sell the candy bars.
As for his product, Tucker said, "I'm a kid, so I know firsthand about the sweet tooth. Trust me, a candy bar made by a kid will get it right. Only a kid would know what kids really like in a bar."
Tucker plans to study business when it comes time for college. His campaign, set to raise $3,000, ends on Jan. 21, 2013. To date he has exceeded his goal, raising $4,417 in the month-long campaign with a few days left to go.
About school, Tucker hopes to go to Stanford, according to San Francisco Gate.