'Slatternly' wives ruining marriages, says Pat Robertson

Posted Jan 16, 2013 by Katerina Nikolas
Christian conservative agony Aunt Pat Robertson has labelled slatternly awful-looking women as responsible for failed marriages.
Pat Robertson contributed his gems on marital bliss, or rather the lack of, on the 700 Club, according to Hamptons Road.
In response to a letter from a 17-year-old questioning how he can get his father to show more interest in his mother than his computer games, Robertson said "It may be your mom isn't as sweet as you think she is. She may be kind of hard-nosed."
Robertson goes on to blame women for the state of failed marriages, citing the example of awful-looking overweight women. He advises women that just because a man is married he can't be expected to put up with her "slatternly-looking." Notably ugly overweight husbands are exempted from Robertson's criticisms.