Video: 'Ishida and Asakura' comedy anime preview trailer

Posted Jan 6, 2013 by Can Tran
The preview trailer has been released for a soon to air comedic high school anime series called "Ishida and Asakura" which focuses on the friendship of two students of the same name as the title.
The cover for the manga called  Ishida and Asakura.
The cover for the manga called "Ishida and Asakura."
The preview trailer has been released for an upcoming Japanese anime series called “Ishida and Asakura.” This series is an adaptation from the manga of the same name. Ishida and Asakura falls under the category of a high school-themed anime. Keep in mind that this doesn't mean the anime is like high school shows such as “GLEE,” “Pretty Little Liars,” and so forth.
This anime puts on a comedic tone when it shows the culture of high school in Japan. In the story, it focuses on the friendship between Asakura and Ishida. The former has the aspiration of being a teacher at a girls' school and the latter wants to open a florist's shop with Asakura.
This series is due to air in Japan on January 6 at night time. From the looks of the series, Ishida and Asakura seemingly has the feel to a similar comedic series called “Cromartie High School” and its very “diverse” cast of characters that attend the high school of the same name.