Yelp users rip dentist who fired worker for looks

Posted Dec 28, 2012 by Owen Weldon
Yelp users have written 22 largely one-star reviews of an Iowa dentist who fired his dental assistant because he thought she was "irresistible."
According to Fox, the dental assistant, Melissa Nelson, 32, worked for James Knight for 10 years and he said that he considered her a stellar worker. However, during the final months of her employment, he started to complain that she was dressing in clothes that were too tight and that it was distracting him. Knight even once told her that if his pants were bulging then this was a sign that her clothes were too revealing.
According to Business Insider, one of the reviewers said that the dentist only fired his assistant because he was afraid he would try to start an affair with her, even though she never indicated that she was interested in starting an affair with him.
According to Huffington Post, another user wrote that the dentist should be boycotted and that the dentist believes that his physical attraction to people cannot be controlled and that is a good reason to fire them.
This is not the first time that the review site has been used as a forum for users to call out companies after they have seen them in the news.