Op-Ed: The end nears Assad’s regime as chemical weapons threat looms

Posted Dec 10, 2012 by Eliot Elwar
Hopeless and irritated due to elimination of options, Bashar al-Assad’s Syrian regime nears the end of his brutal rule. If Assad uses chemical weapons against the opposition, this act will trigger Israeli and Western military intervention into Syria.
Satellite imagery of the al-Safira military facility in Syria. The al-Safira military base is the he...
Satellite imagery of the al-Safira military facility in Syria. The al-Safira military base is the headquarters of the Syrian chemical weapons program and contains both a depot for storing chemical weapons as well as a massive laboratory for manufacturing them
Israel's ambassador to the U.S. warned recently that any evidence of chemical weapons being passed from the Assad regime to extremist groups like Hezbollah would be a "game-changer" and that would be a "red line" for Israel. The remark comes amid claims that the Syrian regime is mixing and moving the components for the deadly sarin nerve gas. Israeli officials could not confirm the reports, but they are watching the situation "very carefully, according to FOX news.
Syrian troops battled rebels near Damascus recently and launched air strikes on opposition strongholds in the south of the capital and on its northeastern outskirt. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights gave an initial toll of 49 people killed nationwide, including 16 civilians and 16 rebels killed in Damascus province alone, according to Space War.
For the past week, US officials have kept up a flow of leaks to the media suggesting that Syrian President Bashar Assad was on the verge of ordering his army to unleash chemical weapons. British Foreign Secretary William Hague reported evidence from intelligence sources that Syria is preparing to use chemical weapons. Military sources disclosed that US, Israeli, Jordanian and Turkish Special Forces are spread out on the ground in Syria, armed with special gear for combating chemical arms, according to DEBKAfiles.
Opposition rebel fighters had seized a “chlorine factor” at Al Safir, the cover name for Bashar Assad’s largest chemical store and base, where also he keeps Syrian Scud D missiles armed with chemical warheads ready to fire at Israel. Syrian chemical weapons units positioned near the capital, Damascus were first sighted by military and intelligence personnel heading north on the road to Aleppo armed with shells loaded with nerve agents such as sarin and XV. A few Western intelligence analysts are speculating that these convoys may be decoys for distracting attention from still- undiscovered poison gas caches. Large-scale Western naval and marines forces are therefore on elevated readiness for responding to any unexpected Syrian moves, according to DEBKAfiles.
Syrian rebels controlling the countryside north of the key city of Aleppo are now besieging a large base full of government soldiers. A Syrian army soldier who had defected to the rebels said that morale among the pro-Assad forces was very low, according to NBC world news.
News broke at the close of last week that the dictator on everyone’s mind, Bashar al Assad, could be actively seeking political asylum in Latin America. The beleaguered Syrian dictator who is neck deep in his people’s blood, wants to live elsewhere. He has reportedly been seeking a way of extricating himself out of his hopeless situation, according to ALBAWABA news.
The rapidly escalating civil war in Syria, including the chemical weapons threat being used, could force America and Russia to set aside their deep disagreements in order to forge a resolution to the conflict. This could be a time where American and Russian cooperation can shine, because these two nations do a very good job when they basically have no other alternatives. The two countries have been locked in a stalemate over the nearly two year old Syrian conflict, according to RIAN news.
All nations are now watching Assad and Syria. Assad is steadily losing control of his Syrian regime and he has threatened to start a Third World War. He has threatened to attack Israel as a last effort before he surrenders power to the courageous Syrian opposition. Assad knows that if he kills Israelis that in the Islamic world he will be considered a hero by militants. Iran and Russia have been backing him. Because Iran knows that war is coming with Israel and the US, Ahmadinejad could begin a major Mideast war where he will fight the conflict on his terms.
A few analysts believe that Assad may negotiate a deal with Russia, America, and the European powers where he will agree to leave the country without having to face war crimes in an international court. Such a deal would end the violence within weeks. While other analysts assess that Israel might preempt any Syrian potential attack by moving to destroy Syrian missiles and WMDs near Syrian facilities. The US led NATO forces have many warships near the Syrian coast. America will not let Syria use WMD. If America attacks Syria, this might bring Russian and Iran into the conflict.