Mike Tyson will not be in 'The Hangover 3'

Posted Dec 6, 2012 by Owen Weldon
It was announced that former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson would not be making an appearance in the 'Hangover 3'.
Former boxer Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson
Courtesy Hot Docs Festival
According to NME, Tyson announced that he would not be appearing in the movie. Tyson made appearances in the first two 'Hangovers'.
According to Complex, Tyson did not say why he was not appearing in the movie, because he has no idea what was the reason for the decision.
According to Digital Spy, the appearances that Tyson made in the first two movies have been credited with reviving his career. In the first Hangover he sang 'In the Air Tonight' and in the second Hangover he sang 'One Night in Bangkok'.
His appearances singing 'In the Air Tonight' in The Hangover and 'One Night in Bangkok' in The Hangover 2 have been credited with reviving his career.
The plot for the Hangover 3 has not been revealed but reports say that there will be no bachelor parties or weddings.
May 23, 2013 is when the movie will open throughout the US and the UK.