Senator-Elect Warren tapped to be in Senate Banking Committee

Posted Dec 5, 2012 by Can Tran
Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren, who defeated GOP incumbent Scott Brown in the Massachusetts US Senate Race, is being tapped to be part of the Senate Banking Committee.
United Steelworkers for Elizabeth Warren.
United Steelworkers for Elizabeth Warren.
United Steelworkers
After the 2012 United States Elections, Elizabeth Warren was elected as the newest Democratic Senator from Massachusetts. Elizabeth Warren had made political history on two fronts. On the first front, Warren is the first female senator from Massachusetts. On the second front, Warren turned a Senate seat from red back to blue. After the Senator Ted Kennedy passed away, the seat was up for grabs. However, that seat landed into Republican hands with the victory Scott Brown. In beating Brown, in what was considered a brutal election race, Warren had come out victorious. However, there came with a financial cost to the Warren campaign. It is reported that the Warren campaign raised $42 million. However, the Warren campaign was left with less than $400K in debt. Currently, Warren is asking supporters to help deal with the debt.
Upon taking office, it would seem that Warren is ready to get into the thick of it. As a result, this may give Wall Street something to worry about. The relationship between Warren and Wall Street is dicey at best. Huffington Post reported how Wall Street managed to prevent Warren from running the Consumer Protection Bureau.
In the same Huffington Post article, it reports that Warren along with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia have been named to serve on the Senate Banking Committee. As a member of the Senate Banking Committee, Warren would be able to continue her fight against Wall Street. As a member of the panel, she would have the influence she wouldn't have as a non-panel member. Even before being elected as a US Senator, as The Atlantic Wire reports, Warren served as a civilian on the Congress' TARP oversight panel. However, Warren was prevented from running the Consumer Protection Bureau which she created.
Keep in mind that being newly-elected means Warren is a junior senator. That would make her the most junior member of the Senate Banking Committee. While being named, it won't be final until next year when the entire Senate Democratic Caucus makes a vote on it. We won't know until next year until the Senate Democratic Caucus votes; then, we'll see who ends up being part of the Senate Banking Committee.