Video: Christmas light show goes dubstep with Skrillex

Posted Dec 4, 2012 by Can Tran
The Cadger family of Meridian, Idaho, have shown that you can combine Christmas light shows with the musical genre of dubstep.
As Christmas comes once a year, in December, there are many things to look forward to. Obviously, you have the presents to look forward to. There's the holiday feasting, the holiday parties, the holiday celebrations, etc. One of the biggest attractions of Christmas are the holiday lights. Many people across the world, during Christmas, tend to decorate their homes and gardens with many different lights. Usually, the lights could get programmed to blink on and off in sync with selected music tracks. In the two to three years, with the popularity of this music genre called “dubstep,” it's making its way to Christmas light shows.
The Cadger family of Meridian, Idaho, decided to combine dubstep with their Christmas lights for the second time. Apparently, the family seems to take a liking to dubstep artist Skrillex. TIME Magazine's website said that the Cadger family did the same last year. The flashing light show would be synced to the Skrillex song called “First Of The Year (Equinox).” On the YouTube page where the family did the light show, there is almost 2.3 million hits. For the most part, it has become a Christmas sensation let alone on the Internet.
It was explained that 35,000 LED lights and 64 Light O Rama channels were used. Due something intense as dubstep, it would be assumed that neighbors would be angry about it; but, it was the opposite as the people loved the light show.
For this year, the Cadger family chose to use two of Skrillex's songs “Cinema” and “Bangarang.” Another person decided to video tape this year's Christmas light show and upload it onto YouTube. The page has a little over a half a million views at the moment.
These are examples on how dubstep and Christmas light shows can go well together. If that's not your cup of coffee, apparently you can sync a Christmas light show with PSY's “Gangnam Style.”