Saudi man marries four women from same school including student

Posted Nov 21, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
A Saudi Arabian man in his 50's has taken the concept of having four wives to the extreme. He has married a student, her teacher, the school principal and school supervisor.
Saudi women.
Saudi women.
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Al Arabiya reported on the unusual marital preferences of the unnamed Saudi man that has opted to marry four females representing the hierarchical order of a school. The age of the student was not reported, but she must answer to her teacher who in turn is answerable to the principal. The fourth wife oversees the school as a supervisor.
The teacher revealed that "the way she interacts with her husband’s wives at work is 'no different' to how she treats other students and superiors."
According to the IB Times the marriages have raised eyebrows within the school. Schoolgirls have made the marriages a regular talking point.
Polygamy is culturally acceptable within Islam though women are denied the choice of taking four husbands. In 2010 a Saudi group of men initiated a campaign to encourage their fellow compatriots to take four wives in keeping with the Islamic edict. The campaign aimed to reduce the number of spinsters in the Kingdom.