Giants' win no earthshaking surprise — but the Earth did shake Special

Posted Oct 29, 2012 by Mike Nemeth
Shortly after the San Francisco Giants won the World Series against the Detroit Tigers, fans on California's Central Coast felt the Earth move -- although nothing gigantic.
Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner
Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner
The 4.2 magnitude temblor hit about 9:25 p.m., roughly 25 miles east-southeast of Salinas. That put the shaker about 125 miles south of San Francisco.
Facebook posts on the Central Coast quickly turned from celebrating the Giants' four-game sweep over the Detroit Tigers to references to the quake -- or both.
Brian Courrejou was at home with his wife, Christina, in Salinas when the shaker hit.
“We were sitting on the couch, and it was rolling for maybe 30 or 40 seconds,” Courrejou said. “Nothing fell in the house.”
He said they went outside, and there were the neighbors, with everyone reporting they'd felt it, too.
Courrejou predicted right off that Giants fans would find some connection behind the team's victory -- nabbed in Detroit -- and the temblor. He was right and joined the tongue-in-cheek commenting.
Courrejou, however, claimed to have caused the seismic event himself.
“Yes, I am a giant. Yes, I caused that,” wrote the Salinas man, who's 6 feet, 5 inches tall. “Please stop talking about me on Facebook.”