Company pay homeowners mortgages and turns homes into billboards

Posted Oct 19, 2012 by Owen Weldon
Brainiacs From Mars is a company that pays homeowners' mortgages but the catch is that they will paint the homes, turning them into giant billboards.
House painted by Brainiacs From Mars
House painted by Brainiacs From Mars
Screengrab / KOKA 02
According to Huffington Post, Brainiacs From Mars is a company that helps their clients get more customers via non-traditional solutions, and one of them is to paint struggling homeowners' homes as giant orange and green billboards.
According to Boston Globe, more than 100 homeowners have applied to the program, and if some of them are accepted, then Brainiacs From Mars will pay their mortgage every single month for as long as they keep their home painted.
According to Fox, Romeo Mendoza, from Brainiacs From Mars, said that by the end of next year they hope to paint around 3,000 homes.
Mendoza said that 90% of the applicants applied because they are struggling, while the other 10% applied just to have a good time. He also said that the company always buys ads anyway, so they figured why not offer to buy ads on peoples' homes.