Video: President Barack Obama says First Ladies should get paid

Posted Aug 9, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
At campaign stop in Colorado, Obama made a comment about First Ladies that has provoked reactions in the conservative blogosphere. While arguing that women should get paid equally, he said: “First Ladies right now don’t, though that’s a tough job."
Democratic Presidential Nominee  Barack Obama steals a glace at his wife Michelle on election night ...
Democratic Presidential Nominee, Barack Obama steals a glace at his wife Michelle on election night at Grant Park in Chicago, IL, on Wednesday, November 5, 2008.
David Katz/Obama for America
Fox News Nation reports Obama, speaking to women supporters in Denver on Wednesday, said: "I wanna make sure that when she's working she is getting paid the same as men, I gotta say that First Ladies right now don't, even though that's a tough job!" reports the campaign event focused on women's issues, and Obama was introduced at the event by Sandra Fluke, who, according to, "allowed herself to be used by liberals as a symbol in their 'war on women' campaign against Republicans." (Fluke is the lady Limbaugh called a "slut"). The website notes that some countries like Germany pay stay-at-home moms and recalls with disapproval that MSNBC's Chris Hayes once called the federal government to pay stay-at-home moms and give them benefits. concludes: "Let’s hope these comments were not reflective of a president who shares views similar to those of liberals like Hayes."
The Blaze points out that First Ladies, or more precisely, Michelle Obama, live without costs "in a pretty fancy place that she was allowed to redecorate without the budget constraints faced by most Americans."
The Blaze continues:
"Her 'weekend home' — Camp David — is certainly one that most of us would consider to be worth visiting almost every month.
"Michelle Obama has a liberal vacation allowance, with a private jet that she can and does use day and night.
"Her private security (Secret Service) keeps the First Lady safe at all times.
"The First Lady also has a personal staff numbering 24. (Hillary Clinton had 19, Laura Bush 18)."
She certainly gets compensated highly in kind if not in cash, The Blaze concludes.
Northwest Ohio comments that being First Lady can be taxing. As First Lady, you are in the public eye 24 hours, with a great workload, official as well as semi-official. The website notes, however, that while the First Lady does not draw a paycheck, "she does get some pretty cool and expensive perks."
Northwest Ohio concurs with The Blaze:
"First Ladies get to live in a big, snazzy house for free... and are given a near unlimited budget to redecorate it when they move in.
"There's the private jet... top notch security... and a personal staff of nearly two dozen people.
"Designers beg you to wear their clothes... and finding a good seat at a concert or sporting event is never a problem."
American Thinker, a far Right wing blog, pulls no punches, and launches a frontal attack:
"All the lavish vacations taken on the taxpayer's dime, while millions of Americans are persistently unemployed, apparently isn't enough tribute to our un-elected Queen.
"If you'll recall, Michelle Obama was far out earning most Americans with her cushy, $300,000+ a year job at the Chicago Medical Center after Barack began his political climb, so there is something extra disingenuous about our President holding up his wife as an example of needing "Women's Health Security" - whatever that is.
"You can't even make this stuff up - Michelle Obama is the example of unfair pay to women?"
For once, a liberal site agrees with conservative commenters. MSN Now comments: "Introducing a salary for the first lady in an election year probably isn’t going to fly, Mr. President. We’re not disputing Michelle’s hard work, but if she wants something even close to her husband’s $400,000 annual wages, she might have to throw her own hat in the ring for November."