CDC says only 1 in 4 Americans with HIV has it under control

Posted Jul 31, 2012 by Owen Weldon
As of now there are around 1.1 million Americans who have HIV but U.S. health researchers say that only one in four actually has the virus under control.
Shane Mullins/
A report was presented at the International AIDS Conference in Washington, D.C. on Friday. In the report, researchers from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say that the problem applies to people who are of all ages, ethnic groups and races.
According to ABC, Irene Hall, a CDC epidemiologist, said they figured out that overall there are just too few infected people who have viral suppression. She went onto say that people who have viral load suppression are considered to be healthy and are less likely to transmit HIV to other people.
According to Wall Street Journal, around 1.1 million Americans are infected with HIV but only around 46% of those people receive regular treatment and a quarter of those people are virally suppressed. Jonathan Mermin, the director of the CDC's division of HIV/AIDS Prevention, said that they have got to do better than this.
According to CBC, the CDC said that 20 percent of people do not even know that they are infected while only two-thirds of the infected go to the doctors, and this is because lack of insurance and poverty are the main reasons.
The reports also showed that only 15 percent of 25-34-year-olds who are infected with HIV have been able to get the virus down to low levels, which is less than half the rate of 50-something-year-olds. 1 in 5 African-Americans have been able to get the virus suppressed and only 30 percent of whites have been able to suppress the virus.