Ottawa smoking ban begins, smokers could receive $305 ticket

Posted Jul 3, 2012 by Andrew Moran
The three-month warning period is over and now it is time to butt out in more public places. The City of Ottawa instituted a smoking ban in April, and now it comes into effect. If you're caught smoking at a park get ready for a $305 fine.
A man smoking a cigarette
A man smoking a cigarette
Ottawa Public Health announced Tuesday that the city’s adopted amendments to its by-laws will come into effect. Following several public consultations and public opinion research, the city implemented further smoke-free regulations that will limit where smokers can light up in public places.
The public health agency noted that three months was more than enough time for residents to educate themselves about the smoking ban. The by-law will be applied 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Last week, the city added hookahs, a Middle Eastern water pipe, to the smoking ban – they will be permitted on patios, though.
Smokers will be prohibited from smoking on all municipal properties, including beaches, outside of city facilities, parks, playgrounds and sports fields. Also, they must refrain from smoking at outdoor restaurants and bar patios as well as ByWard and Parkdale Market stands.
For the last 90-plus days, offenders were given a warning. As of Tuesday, if a person is caught smoking at any of these locations, he or she will be given a $305 ticket.
Linda Anderson, head of the Ottawa Bylaw Services, told 580 CFRA that she realizes it will be difficult to enforce the by-law, especially considering it’s summer and tourists will be traveling all over the city for the next few months. Nonetheless, she maintains the city will still educate the public on smoking and the ban.