Zombie attack craze spreads to China

Posted Jul 2, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
The zombie craze may possibly have spread to China. Reports of a crazed, drunken bus driver attacking a female driver and gnawing her face have been linked to the cannibal craze in the west.
Sydney Zombie Walk on Saturday  25 February 2012.
Sydney Zombie Walk on Saturday, 25 February 2012.
The Shanghai Daily reported the attack took place in the Chinese city of Wenzhou last Tuesday. A bus driver, identified only by his surname Dong, rushed into the road and blocked the car of a woman identified only by her surname of Du, and climbed onto her windscreen.
What followed was a frenzied attack when Du tried to escape from the vehicle, as Dong flung her onto the ground, threw himself on top of her, and started gnawing her face.
Onlookers were powerless to overpower the deranged bus driver, but police eventually dragged him away. Photographs of the man straddling the woman on the street can be seen on the New York Daily News.
The female victim will require plastic surgery to repair the bites she suffered on her nose and lips.