Facebook introduces new user edit feature

Posted Jun 24, 2012 by Leigh Goessl
On Friday, Facebook announced it would be unveiling a new feature to allow users to have a permanent option to edit comments made.
Facebook page
Facebook page
According to Yahoo! News, the social network giant introduced an edit feature, avoiding a "more cumbersome" deletion.
Up until now, users had only a brief window of time to edit a typo or alter a response. Once that time frame was up, a user would have to completely delete the comment and repost, if desired. That's all changed now with the new option. Users can now edit to their heart's delight with no time restriction, well almost. There is no "completely" changing what's been said. In other words, making an edit won't totally erase what was posted. There's no going back and changing any insulting or controversial comments that may have been made, that would still have to be done through a delete.
While users can now edit, or completely change, their comments, Facebook has included transparency and an ability to track edits. This is possible through the new "edit history" log which will show users every change that has been made to any particular comment.
"For instance, if I join a thread and write a long comment but make a typo, I'll now be able to go edit it instead of having to delete it and repost," spokeswoman Johanna Peace said, reported Yahoo!. "We'll also be showing the editing history for a comment so that subsequent commenters or likers have the full context of the conversation. It's rolling out now and should be live to everyone in the next couple days."
Users can find this new feature on the top right hand corner of the comment box; hovering over that area will highlight an “Edit or Delete” option.
PC World noted users that do not already have the new edit feature should see it become available over the next several days. Right now there reportedly is no edit option for mobile users and it is not clear if it will become available in a future release.