Video: Mini-skirted ladies in early Sunday brawl at Denny's

Posted Jun 21, 2012 by JohnThomas Didymus
The video shows a drunken brawl that broke out early Sunday between several mini-skirted women at Redlands Boulevard (at Orange Street) Denny's. The women yelled, tossed plates, exchanged kicks and punches in a melee that lasted several minutes.
People at a bar
People at a bar
Glenn Harper
According to CBS Los Angeles, the fight broke out at around 2 a.m. Sunday. Redlands-LomaLindaPatch reports there were no serious injuries.
According to Laist, several people were cited in the minutes long free-style fight. Restaurant manager Heather Bruhl, said police have requested a copy of surveillance video.
(Viewer discretion is advised: strong language and partial nudity)
The video titled "Ghetto Chick Fight at Redlands Denny's!" shows the unruly ladies in drunken action. The fight begins with three women exchanging angry words on top of their voices. A physical fight breaks out and soon the women are sprawled on the floor punching, kicking, yelling and throwing dishes at each other.
A few men join in the brawl. They can be heard yelling at the cameraman to stop recording.
The video was posted to YouTube by user Rikkisterling, who began recording when an argument broke out.
R-LL Patch reports Bruhl said in a phone interview: "We were having our normal 2 o'clock bar rush. Some people came in and got mouthy with another table. So we asked them to leave. The party, it was about four girls and four guys, they were leaving. Another party with some other girls at a table, they laughed. And the people leaving said 'Don't laugh at us, you don't know us.' The laughing party, one of them said, 'Excuse me, we're not even talking to you.' One of the girls in the laughing party stood up and threw something, then she broke a plate, and it was on. It was a melee, complete chaos."
General manager Jose Davila said the Denny's outlet is popular among bar patrons after other nearby establishments close. He said: "The fight, it happened early this morning. Sometimes we get really busy after the bars close. A lady called to complain about it, asking why did we allow it. But we don't allow this. All we can do is call the police. They came really fast. They checked the security cameras and they want a copy."