Op-Ed: Training to beat the Snoopers' Charter

Posted Jun 14, 2012 by Alexander Baron
The Open Rights Group is offering free training seminars for British citizens who want to preserve Internet freedom. It's time for other countries to follow suit.
London: House of Parliament
London: House of Parliament
The Open Rights Group spells Snooper's Charter thus; unfortunately, the apostrophe is in the wrong place, because there is not one but a myriad of these enemies of freedom abroad, and that's only in the UK.
This particular charter is the Communications Data Bill, which in their latest mailing they say will “create new powers to intercept and collect information about who you talk to online. Your communications via Google, Facebook or Skype will now be open to what may be a large number of government officials”.
The seminars on offer are:
London, Wednesday, June 20
Edinburgh, Saturday, June 23
Manchester, Wednesday, June 27
Sheffield, Thursday, June 28
Birmingham, Wednesday, 4 July
Bristol, Saturday, July 7
You will find more details on their website. If nothing else it is gross hypocrisy for self-styled democratic governments like the UK and USA to wail and whine about Internet freedom, press freedom and freedom-freedom in China and elsewhere while their attacks on civil liberties are far, far worse.