Boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao talks of spiritual awakening

Posted Jun 2, 2012 by Leo Reyes
Barely a week before Filipino boxing superstar Manny Pacquiao collides with unbeaten Palm Spring boxing sensation Timothy Bradley, talks of spiritual healing and awakening have dominated recent media events leading to Pacquiao's next fight on June 9
Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao
Filipino professional boxer Manny Pacquiao
Prior to his showdown with Bradley next weekend, Pacquiao fought Mexican counter-puncher Juan Manuel Marquez at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Pacquiao's passionate fans say his fight with Marquez last November was a wake up call for the Filipino boxing icon.
In front of around 15,000 people watching the fight, Pacquiao struggled with Marquez and was viewed by critics as a worn-out fighter past his prime.
Though he won via majority decision, Marquez' camp and many observers believe Marquez clearly won the fight, but the scoreboard showed otherwise.
After the fight Marquez walked out even before Pacquiao was proclaimed winner in protest of what he calls the flawed officiating. He said it was the third time he was robbed of victory.
Pacquiao and Marquez fought three times in the past eight years, the first resulting in a draw while the second fight was won by Pacquiao. Their third fight held at the MGM Grand in November, resulted in a controversial win by Pacquiao.
After the verdict by the judges, Pacquiao said he clearly won the fight.
Prior to his controversial fight with the Mexican, Pacquiao was deep into Bible reading following his memorable encounter with God in a dream.
Going back to the Philippines after his narrow victory against Marquez, the eight-division world champion has decided to renew his devotion to the Bible and his family.
In a series of interviews captured on exclusive video by Top Rank, Pacquiao narrated how he was transformed from his sinful ways to one who now walks with the Lord as a renewed Christian.
The four-part video of the interview done by veteran sports journalist Dyan Castillejo can be viewed here.