Aerial video of Italy ruins & collapsed buildings after quake

Posted May 30, 2012 by Anne Sewell
The video shows collapsed factory and other buildings damaged in the 5.8-magnitude earthquake which hit on Tuesday this week.
Damage to Bologna area from Tuesday s earthquake
Damage to Bologna area from Tuesday's earthquake
Video screen capture
Digital Journal reported on the 5.8-magnitude earthquake which hit Italy on Tuesday.
17 people are confirmed dead and 200 people were injured in the quake. Thousands have been left homeless in the agricultural and industrial area north of Bologna in the second fatal earthquake in just 9 days.
The first was on May 20, when a 6.0-magnitude earthquake was followed by several severe aftershocks.
The previous major earthquake to hit Italy was in 2009 when 300 people were killed in L'Aquila.
While Italy frequently experiences seismic movements, earthquakes of this magnitude are rare.