Little girl throws tantrum after hearing of Jessica Sanchez' loss

Posted May 25, 2012 by Leo Reyes
A little girl who is a fan of American Idol contestant Jessica Sanchez was captured in a video posted on YouTube throwing tantrum because Sanchez, her favorite singer, did not make it as the top winner of the current season of the popular talent show.
As seen on video posted on YouTube, the little brunette who was wearing pajama was crying with gusto after learning her idol lost to Philip Philips.
A woman's voice, who could be her Mom, took the video of her while crying inside her room. She asked the little girl what was bothering her and the kid said Jessica didn't win.
The cute brunette said she was pissed. Her Mom asked her if she wants to call "American Idol" and asked for the number, but wanted her Mom to do the calling.
Her Mom tried to appease her but she won't stop crying. She said Jessica is her favorite. She cried even more when her Mom told her jokingly Jessica is a loser.
Another video, this time showing a little boy who was also crying over the loss of his singing idol Jessica. He was seen with a poster which says "Vote for Jessica".
The eleventh season of American Idol has just ended with Philip Philips as this season's winner with 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez as runner up.
Philips, a 21-year-old college graduate, is from Leesburg, Georgia.
In the Philippines, where Sanchez' mother came from, the young talented singer whose father is a Mexican-American, kids have learned to love Sanchez as they watch every episode of the popular TV show during the entire season.
A lucrative recording and singing career await Philips, Sanchez and the top five winners of the eleventh season of American Idol.
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