Ronnie O'Sullivan is world snooker champion

Posted May 7, 2012 by Tim Sandle
Ronnie O'Sullivan has convincingly won the world snooker championship, defeating Ali Carter, 18-11, over the course of a two-day final at the Crucible Theater.
Snooker champion Ronnie O Sullivan
Snooker champion Ronnie O'Sullivan
In the contest to become the 2012 world professional snooker champion, former champion Ronnie O'Sullivan, seeded fourteenth, defeated his fellow Englishman Ali Carter, seeded thirteenth, at the Crucible Theater in Sheffield.
The tournament was sponsored by the gambling company Betfred. The match was refereed by Michaela Tabb. The contest began on May 6 and was played to finish to the evening of May 7.
By gaining the title, O'Sullivan won his fourth world championship (having previously won in 2001, 2004 and 2008). Carter was runner-up for the second, having previously reached the final in 2008 (where he lost to O'Sullivan, 18-8).
After both players came through relatively comfortable semi-final matches, it was O'Sullivan who started the strongest in winning the first two frames of the best-of-thirty five frame match, as World Snooker reported. In the second game, O'Sullivan compiled a century break, knocking in a quick fire 117. Carter responded with his highest break of the contest so far, a run of 84 to clinch the fifth frame. The match proceeded for 3-3 b3fore O'Sullivan hit a purple patch, running out a break of 92 to win the seventh frame 108 point to nil, and then compiling an impressive 141 break to end the first session 5-3 ahead.
In the second session, as the BBC noted, the pace of play slowed down and the emphasis was more upon safety play and tactics rather than break building. In this session O'Sullivan and Carter each made two breaks of over 50: O'Sullivan with 68 and 62, and Carter 56 and 59. O'Sullivan took this session 5-4 to lead 10-7 overnight.
In the third session, O'Sullivan opened with stylish century break of 101. This heralded a run of four successive frames which took O'Sullivan to 14-7. Carter dug deep to fight back and too the next three frames, which included a century break of his own (a run of 105). However, O'Sullivan comfortably won the last game of the session by 129 points to 4 to lead 15-10.
In the final session, O'Sullivan pressed home his advantage with an opening break of 70.
The frame scores were (Carter first):
First session: 37-77 (56), 1-121 (117), 85-0 (84), 58-24, 42-86 (52), 55-2, 0-108 (92), 0-141 (141)
Second session: 84-8 (56), 21-70, 14-69 (68), 62-30, 7-73, 13-60, 83-1 (59), 34-74 (62), 52-3
Third session: 0-101 (101), 12-73, 48-62, 41-81 (54), 59-9, 105-34 (105), 62-5 (53), 4-129 (64, 55)
Fourth session: 0-92 (70), 78-9 (64), 0-76, 0-82 (61)
O'Sullivan won the first prize of £250,000 (approximately $404,000) whilst Carter scooped £125,000 (around $202,000) as the runner-up.
Despite winning the tournament, O'Sullivan has hinted, as The Daily Mail reports, that he plans to retire from snooker in the near future.
Result: O'Sullivan 18-11 Carter
O'Sullivan wins his fourth world title
O'Sullivan breaks of 101, 117 and 141
Carter's top break - 105