Jazz FM listeners 'treated' to sounds of porn during broadcast

Posted Apr 25, 2012 by Anne Sewell
In a radio show, aptly titled "Funky Sensations" U.K. jazz fans heard "sounds of porn" playing in the background of the music.
The Telegraph reports that many listeners just couldn't believe their ears when they heard "sounds of sexual activity" in the background of jazz music on Jazz FM.
The radio station boasts an audience of around half a million listeners who could quite possibly have experienced the gaffe.
It happened during the popular Funky Sensation show with Mike Vitti, when for around 5 minutes swearing and ''clearly audible sounds of sexual activity'' were heard.
Communications watchdog Ofcom received several complaints from listeners. They later explained that a member of staff at the radio station had accidentally opened a personal email on the studio computer. Said email contained a link to a pornography web site. Unfortunately the staff member left a sound fader linked to the computer, which was open on the broadcast console.
Ofcom advises that Jazz FM has violated the broadcasting code and the station has now issued an apology on its web site and also on social networks.