Snoop Dog to release book that you can smoke

Posted Apr 8, 2012 by KJ Mullins
Snoop Dog isn't shy about letting the world know he enjoys smoking marijuana. He's about to release Rolling Words, A Smokeable Songbook that is made with a hemp cover, a match striker spine and pages that can be ripped out, rolled and smoked.
Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg
For fans of Snoop Dog, his lyrics and a little smoke Rolling Words brings a special flair to the world of hemp. The hemp seed paper is printed with non-toxic ink which is a good thing considering this author has no problem with his words going up in smoke.
The first to get the book will be concert goers at Coachella in California where Snoop Dog will be performing Sunday April 15 and 26. The books will be attached to Snoop Dog posters at the event.
It's not clear if the books will be easily to get as they are being reserved for "elite distribution."
The book itself is to be used to promote the rapper's new Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers. is selling the papers for $1.59.
Snoop Dog was arrested earlier this year in Texas for being in possession of drug paraphernalia.