Guerrilla gardener fills London's potholes with greenery

Posted Feb 28, 2012 by Katerina Nikolas
Dubbing himself the guerrilla gardener, Steve Wheen has a novel way of dealing with the unsightly problem of London's potholes. He cycles round the cities streets, filling the potholes in with flowers and greenery.
Beauty Short lived
They are amazing for such a short time then they wither away and are forgotten. Reminder of how life is.
U.K. motorists are taxed to the hilt through a combination of road tax, VAT, duty levied on petrol, and parking fees. In spite of that the amount of potholes are now estimated to be in the region of three million, according to the Daily Mail, with a price tag of £10.7billion to fix them all.
One conscientious Londonder has a solution to unsightly potholes that spring up amidst the concrete jungle of London's streets, as he endeavours to add a touch of greenery to the landscape by filling up potholes with miniature gardens. Steve Wheen, 35, is a guerrilla gardener, who says on his blog, The Pothole Gardener "Guerrilla gardening is all about getting out there, doing something, getting your hands dirty and creating something that improves the space you live in."
Not only does Steve plant flowers in pavement cracks and potholes that spring up in the streets, he adds decorative touches with miniature props such as minute deck chairs and toy cars. His gardening touches go down well with the public who are often surprised to spot a floral display amidst the paving stones and concrete.