Jimmy Savile fixes it from beyond the grave

Posted Dec 16, 2011 by Alexander Baron
Jimmy Savile died in October shortly before his 85th birthday. He went out in style, and now he has 'fixed it' from beyond the grave.
The flamboyant Jimmy Savile with trademark cigar.
The flamboyant Jimmy Savile with trademark cigar.
Jimmy Savile was the first and last presenter of the BBC Television programme Top Of The Pops. He also hosted his own programme Jim'll Fix It for nearly twenty years. (Brief obituary here).
The Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust which the big-hearted Yorkshireman founded, is now worth £3.6million and the Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust is worth £1.6million. A message posted on the website of the former says it will live on as he wished. And his generosity may not be his only legacy. Jimmy was a confirmed bachelor, something that led to a certain wagging of tongues in the usual Grub Street sewers. Now though, a woman has come forward to claim she is his daughter. It could be that she is a publicity seeker or simply mistaken, but take a good look at 40 year old Georgina Ray, then ask William Hill what odds they will give you that Jim didn't fix it for her mother!
Shortly after Savile's death, the composer Matthew Bourne dedicated a short piano instrumental to him.