Op-Ed: News producer drops two F-bombs during live broadcast

Posted Dec 15, 2011 by Christopher Bates
Most news presenters have to keep their cool when problems occur in the studio. Not producers though, who can take a page out of this guy's book. When things don't go as expected, he decides to drop not one, but two F-bombs!
KBOI-TV 2 News
KBOI-TV 2 News
YouTube Screen Capture - nwoidaho
As a graphic appears on the screen, the producer shouts: "What the f**k is that!?"
While the viewers probably thought they had heard the best of his rant, the graphic popped up again. "Are you f**king kidding me!?," he moaned. "Where's my damn graphic!?"
The pretty-in-pink news presenter managed to keep a straight face though, as she continued to talk about brucellosis and cattle.
Although he doesn't have to worry about facing the camera, he should probably learn a thing or two from Chuck Bell, a weatherman for NBC Washington.
The clip, which is from a KBOI-TV 2 news broadcast, was uploaded to YouTube on Tuesday, having already received just over 35,000 views.
KBCI-TV 2 covers the city of Boise, Idaho.