Soccer: Red meat products off the menu at Forest Green Rovers

Posted Dec 14, 2011 by Christopher Bates
For some English football fans, indulging in a meat pie, burger or hot dog is often more exciting than the action of the pitch. Unfortunately for fans of Forest Green Rovers, they no longer have the option of purchasing any red meat products.
Red meat products no longer available at The New Lawn - home of Forest Green Rovers.
Red meat products no longer available at The New Lawn - home of Forest Green Rovers.
Roger Cornfoot
It was back in February when Forest Green chairman and proud vegan, Dale Vince, banned Rovers players from eating red meat for health and performance reasons. Just a few weeks later the policy was introduced to the entire stadium, leaving fans without their meaty necessities
Communications director Tom Williams, said: "Following discussions with the manager and on nutritional advice, it was decided to no longer feed our team red meat for health and performance reasons.
"[It has now been] decided that this policy should be extended to the stadium, at least in part as a further step in establishing ourselves as a "green" organisation.
"This is obviously a break with tradition but in time we hope that many will come to see it as a step forward rather than a step backwards.
Vince, who also owns green electricity company Ecotricity, added: "If red meat was not good enough to feed our players, then it wasn’t good enough for our staff, fans and visitors too.
"At its worst it means once every two weeks watching a football game without being able to eat red meat. Anybody that really needs it can bring a ham sandwich or something if they wish - that’s no problem.
“But we are not just doing this to provide tasty food. It takes ten times more energy to feed a meat-eater than it takes to feed a vegetarian. So Rovers is becoming the first ever sports club to offer all fans, players and staff an accredited sustainable menu.
As shown in the embedded video below, the Blue Square Premier club's veggie burgers were sampled by the panel of Gillette Soccer Saturday. While most of the pundits approved, Southampton legend Matt Le Tissier claimed it was "a bit bland".
Back in 2004, Vince received an Order of the British Empire (OBE) from the Queen for his services to the environment.