Op-Ed: Congress — You're Fired!

Posted Nov 27, 2011 by Nancy Houser
When American citizens refuse to do a job they were hired to do, they are fired on the spot. Yet Congress has proven they cannot do their job, and continue to be paid well. It is time to fire uncompromising Congress members who fail the nation.
The sun sets on the US Capitol on March 22  2019 in Washington  DC.
The sun sets on the US Capitol on March 22, 2019 in Washington, DC.
Brendan Smialowski, AFP
Looking back over the past year, Congress and the Super Committee have failed miserably at their jobs, proving how inept they are at compromising and putting the country's needs ahead of the nation a political party ideology strongly based on greed and dogmatic systematic world control. The U.S. Congress has become the major focus of the world, a world where a debt ceiling is typically unheard of, with the Super Committee's latest failure possibly leading to another drop in U.S. credit rating.
In the hard copy Times article, "Failure is the Normal," December 5, 2011, inaction has come to define the Legislative Branch with legislating at a stand-still. According to the article,
• The number of bills signed into law has dropped from 125 in President Obama's first year in office to just 44 this year.
• Nominees for federal jobs languish for months without a vote.
• Funding for the nation's infrastructure awaits a stalled gas-tax renewal.
• A funding dispute briefly shut down the Federal Aviation Administration this summer.
Americans are turning away laughing at an egotistical overly paid Congress who deceitfully boasts for main stream media, promising that they are laying aside their differences and "when confronted with a crisis, lawmakers could be expected to reach a last-minute, disaster-averting compromise." With Congress approval ratings at an all-time low, the political stalemate in Congress has prevented Washington politicians from getting things done---making the United States a laughingstock of the world.
By tapping into the fears, ignorance and discomfort of the American citizens, concerns over the financial status of the United States are overshadowed by a phony patriotic political ardor. Congress has made a fool of itself, diminishing the dignity of the United States.
"Members of Congress have the only job in the country whose occupants can set their own salary without regard to performance, profit, or economic climate," said Tom Schatz, president of the Council for Citizens Against Government Waste in a press release. "Clearly, members must think that money grows on trees. With a $480 billion deficit (in 2008) , the escalating cost of the war in Iraq, and a stagnant economy, Congress should be curbing spending, not lining their pockets at our expense." (US Gov Info)