More than 100 dogs seized from NB kennel

Posted Oct 29, 2011 by Lynn Curwin
One hundred and forty nine dogs, some of which were pregnant, were seized from a kennel in northern New Brunswick on Thursday.
The RCMP and the New Brunswick SPCA went to the property in Saint-Basile, near Edmundston, with a search warrant after a public complaint was made.
"We had received a complaint from the public about the conditions, the fact that the dogs were living in their own filth,” SPCA Chief Animal Inspection Officer Paul Melanson told the CBC. “They were severely matted and were in bad need of being bathed because of the feces on the bodies themselves."
He said some of the dogs, which include a variety of small to medium size breeds, have ear and eye infections.
"The housing was inadequate, the dog houses themselves were falling down (and) there was no heat, no ventilation," NBSPCA Director Mike Murphy told Global News.
"There was a smell that permeated the building. It just was completely unacceptable."
The Daily Gleaner reported that he said the dogs had "poor body condition, matted fur and runny eyes".
The kennel the dogs were taken from had been licenced last year, but that had expired. The SPCA and RCMP were able to raid the kennel because of the new law requiring inspections and licensing, which was designed to ensure kennels meet standards and to prevent puppy mills from operating.
Melanson said the breeder will face charges for failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter and veterinary care.
About a week earlier 40 dogs were seized from a kennel in Edmundston.