Sesame Street's YouTube channel hacked with porn videos

Posted Oct 16, 2011 by Kevin Fitzgerald
On Sunday, computer hackers were somehow able to hack into Sesame Street's YouTube account and replace the kid-friendly videos normally featured on the show's channel with graphic porn videos.
According to Gizmodo, it took Google, who owns YouTube, more than 20 minutes to react to the hacking news.
CNN reports that just before the channel was completely taken down by YouTube due to the hacking, a message was placed on the channel's page accusing two YouTube account holders of causing the hack. One of the accused, known as "MrEdxwx," denies responsibility.
Neither Google nor PBS, who produces Sesame Street, have released an official statement in response to the incident.
As of late Sunday, Sesame Street's YouTube channel page is still not activated, although many of the show's videos have been restored on the site.