Math Teacher sets herself on fire in front of students

Posted Oct 13, 2011 by Forstine Carter
There will be in-school support counseling for teachers and students after a depressed math teacher set herself on fire during morning break.
FoxNews reports that a French high school math teacher doused herself with a flammable liquid and set herself on fire in the school yard during recreation break. Luc Chatel, France's Education Minister said the motive wasn't clear as to why it happened. The teacher's name has not been released; she suffered serious injuries, and was flown by helicopter to a nearby Montpellier hospital.
YahooNews reports that Chatel added that a psychological support unit would be available in the school.
Expatica reports that the 44 year old poured petrol on herself during the morning break and set herself ablaze just one day after a stormy meeting with kids in her class who accused her of practising strict teaching methods.
"She should pull through," said state prosecutor Patrick Mathe, who also added that the woman is suffering from depression. "It was a desperate act, there was no crime."
The 44 year old teacher suffered third-degree burns. Parents and students who spoke with ATP at the scene commented that the teacher had a difficult relationship with several students in her class and the meeting with them on Wednesday was to clear the air but became rowdy. They noted that she appeared at the meeting with unexplained cuts and bruises. Some commented that she'd suffered a nervous breakdown the previous year due to trouble with school authorities.
They said the teacher came to school on Thursday with a jerry can, gave her first class, but afterwards, during the morning break she walked to the center of the yard, poured petrol on herself and set herself on fire.
Four parents commenting anonymously said she had refused to help struggling students and preferred to kick them out of class and focus on helping those students who were stronger in progression.