What's hot: Fashion trends for winter 2011-2012

Posted Oct 12, 2011 by Abigail Prendergast
Fall is here and so are its colors - of both leaves and garments. 2011 into 2012 is already continuing the retro trend and more takes on classics of eras long past are coming out into play.
Chloé Fall 2011 RTW Collection
Chloé Fall 2011 RTW Collection
Michael Boitin
Fashion is something most people are familiar with; the way a person dresses can speak volumes about their personality. From modern to retro, and from mainstream to custom, your garb has long been said to be an extension of your way of life.
Of course what clothes are trending are what appeal to most. Whether they be short-lived fads or a long-running throwback to another time, if it is in, it will be embraced by many and donned by those who can afford it.
So what is trending for the Autumn 2011 into Winter 2012? According to Suite 101 writer Gill Hart, inspiration is going all the way back to the roaring twenties in the form of the flapper dress.
The flapper girl trend was something of a hippie movement of the 1920s. Teenage girls sported bobbed hair, embraced jazz music and even treated things like sex in a more casual manner. This was done essentially in protest of the accepted social norm of the time.
One of the more refreshing styles, flapper fashion first came onto the scene back in 2008. But its impact and influence are projected to be colossal in the upcoming season.
For the most part, women's fashion maintains its status in the realm of being elegant and ladylike. Taking from TV shows such as Mad Men and movies like Black Swan, the "transitional trends" which pick up from last season will consist of maxi and midi-length skirts, as well as ballerina-inspired materials.
Fashion Allure reports that burgundy is the color that takes home the proverbial gold this fall. More or less falling in line with a more subdued "wine color palette" that is in season. In general, the colors of this Autumn's fashion will consist mainly of neutral black and taupe, but also go into an array of refreshing forest-like greens. With a teal-esque sea green going strong along with dramatic scarlet, reminiscent of the silver screen's greatest.
WSGN, the leading website dedicated to analyzing fashion statements and trends, has picked up and zeroed in on three macro styles it refers to as, "Faux Real," "Your Space," and "360°."
First and foremost, Faux Real as the name may imply, is intentionally producing pieces that look fake "in new proportions and surface textures," says Hart.
In terms of color, matte black takes chromatic reign joined by liquid sheens and subdued metallics. The Faux Real trend doesn't stop with fabrics though, as the garb in this category is accompanied by various accessories such as perspex heels, wooden platforms with constrewed forms and very large, very fake necklaces.
Next up is a style dubbed Your Space: not having to do with interior design, it features - as Hart describes - "clever clean cuts in wearable pieces which are driven by functionality and fit for purpose."
Like the flapper style dress, Your Space goes back in time quite a few decades to the 1920s and 30s to draw on those decades' fashionista muses. Taking on a "uniformity which focuses on the essentials" as Hart puts it, the Your Space trend includes garments focusing on the essentials. Such pieces being tea dresses, maxis and the aforementioned flapper girl dresses.
Minimalist is another key word with simple dresses and coats being cleverly tweaked with slashed, asymmetric neck-lines and collars with several layers.
Last but not least, the 360° trend comes full circle (pun intended) by revolving around elements like movement. 360 degrees worth of movement drives this style, which in turn allows for a three-dimensional, panoramic view of garments that boast laser cut contours, and several other effects including twisting and draping.
Chunky knits, fur bags and clutches inspired by the shape of a rugby ball will compliment the 360° trend nicely.