Japan weapons maker faces cyber attack

Posted Sep 21, 2011 by Owen Weldon
The top weapons maker in Japan confirmed it was a victim of a cyber attack. The attack apparently targeted data on missiles, nuclear power plants and submarines.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) confirmed that they were indeed a victim of a cyber attack. MHI said that last month they discovered viruses on more than 80 of their servers and computers.
Japan’s government released a statement and said they were not aware of any sensitive information being leaked, according to BBC.
The defense ministry still wants MHI to carry out an investigation. Government officials were not happy when they learned of the breach. They found out when local media reported the incident.
MHI has yet to say if any sensitive data was loss as a result of the cyber attack. If MHI does reveal that sensitive data was loss then they could be hit with penalties from the defense ministry. MHI receives a great deal of business from the ministry.
Mitsushige Akino is the chief fund manager at Ichiyoshi Investment Management Co. and he said that the company was still probing and figuring out what the damages are. Akino said that defense is an extremely important part to MHI and the cyber attack is bad news for business.
MHI said that they believe that these are the first cyber attacks against the defense ministry and that the attacks most likely originated outside of MHI‘s computer network, according to ibtimes.
Sources say that the viruses targeted a shipyard located in Nagasaki. Nagasaki is where MHI builds destroyers. A facility, located in Kobe, that makes submarines was also targeted, as well as a plant in Nagoya, where MHI builds propulsion systems for missiles and rockets.
IHI, another Japanese contractor, was also a victim of cyber attacks. Infection was prevented because of their internal security systems.
It is not known who is behind the cyber attacks but a newspaper in Japan did report that a Chinese language scripts was detected.
The Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, said that his country is one of the main victims of cyber attacks and claims of China being the source of the attacks are baseless.