Op-Ed: Casey Anthony hit by costs order

Posted Sep 15, 2011 by Alexander Baron
The State of Florida has ensured that Casey Anthony will not profit from her notoriety for the foreseeable future by hitting her with a bill for nearly a hundred thousand dollars.
Casey Anthony.
Casey Anthony.
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If nothing else, Judge Belvin Perry must be bored to the gills with this case, but this may be the final order that he personally hands down in the State of Florida v Casey Marie Anthony.
After her sensational and controversial acquittal for the murder of her daughter Caylee, there was some speculation that “Tot Mom” might sell her story for a six figure sum or even embark on a career as a porn star. Both the American public and more importantly the legal establishment were determined this would not happen, so as Anthony lives in anonimity, apparently somewhere in or close to Florida, litigation has been continuing, in particular an attempt has been made to force her to pay the full cost of her prosecution. The State had asked for around half a million dollars, but the finest legal mind in Florida assessed her total costs at $97,676.98, a sum that is not likely to be appealed.
As Anthony is currently indigent and likely to remain so, this exercise may seem pointless, but it does have a point, that being that if the book or porn film offer does materialise, her earnings can be garnisheed.
Anthony is also appealing her misdemeanour convictions for lying to the police, an appeal that is clearly frivolous because her defence at trial was that she had lied to the police, repeatedly! This latest not guilty plea is probably some sort of ruse her legal team have dreamed up in connection with the defamation action she is facing from Zenaida Gonzalez.
In a separate development, her parents have given a 9 hour interview in which her father George says he believes she and/or someone with her drugged Caylee then panicked when she didn’t wake up. Cindy Anthony disagreed with this claim, but unlike George she was not accused of sexually abusing her daughter from the age of eight.
Prosecutor Jeff Ashton is also writing a book about the case, which hopefully will be a bestseller; it goes without saying that anything he says will have far more credibility than anything Anthony may say at any time in the future, having already cemented her reputation as – in the words of Judge Strickland – a stranger to the truth, and as - in the words of Linda Drane Burdick – the most well documented liar ever to set foot in a courtroom.