Ty Pennington hosts Craftsman Experience's one year anniversary Special

Posted Sep 9, 2011 by Kay Mathews
The Craftsman Experience in Chicago defines itself as "the ultimate DIY-playground," and proudly celebrated its one year anniversary with food, drinks, demonstrations and home improvement all-stars Ty Pennington and Frank Fontana.
Maralyn Owen and Ty Pennington at The Craftsman Experience one year anniversary party. Chicago  IL
Maralyn Owen and Ty Pennington at The Craftsman Experience one year anniversary party. Chicago, IL
Courtesy of Maralyn Owen
An event invitation went out on Facebook inviting folks to the "Craftsman Experience 1 Year Anniversary with Ty Pennington." The free event was held at the Craftsman Experience studio on West Huron Street in Chicago, IL earlier this month.
One of the people indicating that they would attend the event was my friend Maralyn Owen, who is the Guest Relations Coordinator for Suite Partners, Inc. Owen said that Suite Partners is "a social media factory, and is the power/engine behind Craftsman Experience and Kenmore Live Studio. My CEO, Barry Krause, came up with the Live Lab concept! Our biggest client is Sears and he created those for Sears."
According to the Suite Partners website, "We are a media channel you can use to create original branded content for your social marketing efforts. We connect your most valuable audiences so they can see, touch and experience your brand LIVE. Our film-makers capture the interaction and stream to the web 24/7 catapulting “likes” into brand LOVE."
Craftsman tool images at The Craftsman Experience.  Chicago  IL
Craftsman tool images at The Craftsman Experience. Chicago, IL
The Craftsman Experience is one of Suite Partners many clients, and it was time to celebrate its one year anniversary.
As Ty Pennington wrote on his website, “And if you’re in Chicago I’ll be at Craftsman Experience from 6-9 tonight so come stop by and check out some awesome tools. If you can’t make it tonight check out the Craftsman Experience Facebook page where they’ll be streaming live video from the event."
I asked Owen how many people attended the party. "Approximately 210 people attended," she replied, "and 350,000 watched online." Obviously, a lot of folks heeded Pennington's requests.
According to its Facebook page, the Craftsman Experience "is a one-of-a-kind venue that combines hand-on work stations, a live social media studio and project demonstrations that showcase the innovation and performance of Craftsman tools."
Frank Fontana on the set of  The Down & Dirty with Frank Fontana  at the Craftsman Experience studio...
Frank Fontana on the set of "The Down & Dirty with Frank Fontana" at the Craftsman Experience studio. Chicago, IL
Do-it-yourself guru Frank Fontana, who hosts “The Down & Dirty with Frank Fontana” live from the Craftsman Experience studio, was on-hand for the celebration and served as co-host. Also there, according to Owen, was "Erik Buell of Erik Buell Racing." Owen said that Buell hosted the demonstration that evening. "He invited a raffle winner to do a tire change challenge," said Owen.
I asked Owen to tell me what was the best part of the evening. She replied, "I love all those guys [Pennington, Fontana, and Buell] so they were all the highlight of the night."