Tropical storm rains threaten Appalachia with flash floods

Posted Sep 5, 2011 by Kim I. Hartman
Tropical Storm Lee dumped over a foot of rain on Louisiana and Mississippi and continues on a northeast trek threatening the Appalachian states with torrential rains and flash flooding to continue through Wednesday.
Flooding from Tropical Storm Lee.
Flooding from Tropical Storm Lee.
G. J. Charlet III
The slow moving tropical storm crawled ashore in New Orleans over the Labor Day weekend inundating the region with heavy rains, winds and flooding in the first big test of the state's resources since Hurricane Katrina.
In Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal issued a state of emergency ahead of the storm, while some residents filled sandbags and others evacuated to higher ground. Emergency management officials closed floodgates in the New Orleans area anticipating the incoming tidal surge.
“We have deployed Louisiana National Guard liaisons to Terrebonne and Plaquemines Parishes in order to help immediately respond to any emergency needs the parishes may have. Additional Guard liaisons are on standby to assist other parishes as they may need Guardsmen to help respond to flooding," said Jindal.
Tornado warnings were issued and voluntary evacuations were advised for residents in some parts of the Gulf coast, with power outages reported before the tropical storm made landfall.
The Mississippi Office of Emergency Preparedness advised residents of severe weather conditions, flooding and road closings throughout the state.
The possibility of flooding from Tropical Storm Lee extends 1600 miles inland.
The possibility of flooding from Tropical Storm Lee extends 1600 miles inland.
Weather Channel
The danger of flash flooding from Tropical Storm Lee extends 1600 miles inland through Wednesday. The weather system is expected to dump 6 to 10 inches of rain through the south and Mid-Atlantic states as Lee makes its journey northward.
Multiple tornado warnings have been issued Monday morning along the projected path of Lee which continues to batter Alabama, Louisiana, and Mississippi with 35 mph winds.
After effects from Tropical Storm Lee include danger riptides predicted along the coast from Texas to Florida. Soaking rains are expected for the Tennessee Valley and the Appalachian states putting residents at risk for flash floods. Heavy rains are forecast through the northeast into Vermont, which is still recovering from the devastating flooding left in the wake of Hurricane Irene.