Die Hard 5's a go, just needs a director

Posted Aug 2, 2011 by KJ Mullins
Bruce Willis will return to the screen in Die Hard 5 set in Russia to be scripted by Skip Woods. The only thing missing from the production is a director.
Bruce Willis
'Die Hard' Movie actor Bruce Willis
The latest installment of the Die Hard series was to be directed by Noam Murro but work on Xerxes, the 300 prequel came in the way. The word is that director John Moore is one of four in the running to put Bruce Willis and the cast through their paces. Daily Blam says that Willis' choice for director is Jorge Daniel Espinosa. Espinosa though isn't in the short list being tossed about. Along with Moore the list includes Justin Lin, Nicolas Winding Refn and Joe Cornish.
The early whispers is that John McCann, played by Willis, will be in Russia with his son. There's no telling the trouble that McCain can find dealing with one of his kids while going international. In the past McCain has battled terrorists on Christmas, survived crumbling overpasses and a snarky daughter.
There is no word yet who will appear in the movie along with Willis.