Drug and alcohol binge supposed cause of Amy Winehouse's death Special

Posted Jul 24, 2011 by Camden Yorke
After years of struggling with an on-again, off-again drug and alcohol addiction, the English singer--popular for her soulful voice and signature beehive hairdo--has died.
The talented--yet, troubled--Amy Winehouse, aged 27, was pronounced dead after a private ambulance arrived to her Camden, London home Saturday night.
Initial reports of Winehouse's death, released by the Metropolitan Police Service, stated the cause of death as "unexplained," but Winehouse's heavily publicized struggle with substance abuse leaves little room for doubt.
Ethan Emmer, a resident of Frisco, TX, was not surprised by the news of Winehouse's death but, instead, was surprised that such news had not been announced sooner.
"I'm actually surprised she lived this long as it is," said Emmer.
Emmer, who admits that he was neither a fan of Amy Winehouse's lifestyle nor of her music, described her death as "not surprising" and said that drugs--despite not having been explicitly revealed as the cause of Winehouse's death, at the moment--were "the most likely reason."
While an official statement has not been released by authorities yet to confirm the cause of the singer's death, an article released today by The Sunday Mirror, confirms Emmer's--and many other people's--assumptions. According to the singer's mother, Janis Winehouse, her daughter's demise was "only a matter of time." Likewise, friends of the late singer could not overlook her addictive behavior.
"She has spent the last seven days on a massive bender and people were saying she's going to drink herself to death," a friend of Winehouse revealed to The Sunday Mirror. Another friend commented that "it was an ecstasy overdose."
Winehouse had consulted rehabilitative services in late May, checking into The Priory Clinic and--having completed her assessment--checked out in early June to prepare for upcoming tour commitments starting in Europe on June 18.
The singer's rehabilitative efforts, however, proved futile when she appeared to be under the influence--stumbling across the stage and mumbling along to her music--during her show in Belgrade, Serbia. With fans generally appalled by her drunken stupor, Winehouse was booed off stage and--merely hours before her body was discovered in her home--it was announced by Winehouse's management that her tour was being cancelled, making the disastrous performance her last.
While Winehouse's rambunctious behavior proved too much for some of her fans (and even for herself) to endure, the vast majority of her fans continue to hold her in high esteem. Amy Winehouse's death will certainly take some getting used to, but her supporters--fans and family alike--will always have fond memories of the talented singer to hold on to.