Op-Ed: Manchester City reject $55.7 million bid for Carlos Tévez

Posted Jul 12, 2011 by Christopher Bates
Following his second transfer request which was issued last week, Manchester City have rejected a £35million ($55.7million) bid from Corinthians for Carlos Tévez.
Corinthians are looking to re-acquire the services of the Argentine, after Tévez played for the São Paulo-based club from 2004-2006.
Following numerous problems in Manchester, the 27-year-old continues his quest to find a suitable city for his family to settle.
Corinthians set a South American (and club) transfer record when purchasing Tévez for £13.7million ($21.8million) in 2004 - almost one third of City's current asking price of £50million ($79million).
It is believed that the deal would have been funded through TV and sponsorship money.
Tim Vickery, BBC South America football correspondent, said: "Brazil's economy is booming and there is a new TV deal which is going to get the Brazilian clubs a lot more money on the table for them. Tevez did very well for Corinthians in 2005 - he helped the club to the Brazilian championship - before he moved to England the following year. It would be closer to his daughters in Buenos Aires and so I think we have to say that this is a possibility."
Tévez appears troublesome wherever he goes. Third-party ownership. Court cases. More court cases. Numerous strikes. Transfer requests. Bust-ups. Lack of restaurants. Abysmal weather. Extortionate house prices. The list goes on.
All this drama for a man earning more than £200,000 ($318,000) a week, which begs the question: Will Tévez be content anywhere?