NHL's head of discipline Colin Campbell stepping down

Posted Jun 1, 2011 by Tyler Hunt
According to TSN and the Toronto Star, NHL senior vice president and director of hockey operations Colin Campbell has decided to step down from his role as the league's disciplinarian.
Sources told TSN that Campbell will remain a key component of the league's hockey operations department, but will relinquish his role as the league's head disciplinarian, a job he's taken some harsh criticism for holding.
Campbell, who was hired by the league in 1998, is in Vancouver watching his son Gregory play for Boston in the Stanley Cup Finals. Since his son is in the Final, the NHL's vice president of hockey operations Mike Murphy is in charge of discipline as Campbell has stepped away from any rulings involving Boston since Gregory began playing there.
When reached for comment by the Toronto Star, Campbell refused to comment, saying:
"I’m not commenting at all. I’m not working right now I’m on vacation."
The report suggests that Brendan Shanahan, who currently serves as the NHL's vice president of hockey and business development, will take over Campbell's role as the head of discipline.
Campbell has been under fire in the recent past as headshots and dangerous hits have become a hot topic around the NHL. After the Bruins captain Zdeno Chara hit Max Pacioretty between the benches and did not receive supplemental discipline (a ruling which Campbell had no say on, as Chara plays for Boston), the league's disciplinary procedures were called into question.
Following the Chara hit, nearly every offense borderline of a suspension was put under a microscope, and even corporations like Air Canada and Via Rail have shown their opposition to the way the league handles discipline.
If he has stepped down, Campbell already seems to be enjoying the time off, adding to The Star:
"I’m not commenting on anything. I’m just out here having a beer and watching hockey."