BodyGuard gauntlet helps ward off attackers with 500,000 volts

Posted Jun 1, 2011 by Edward Xiao
The next time a police officer has to deal in a close-ranged encounter with an armed criminal, he only needs to pull up his sleeve.
© The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01.
© The BodyGuard 9XI-HD01.
© ArmStar
The BodyGuard, a ballistic nylon gauntlet equipped with a high voltage stunner, a security camera, a laser pointer and a flashlight, was developed by David Brown, a cameraman, editor and producer for music videos.
Designed to assist in defusing confrontations and quelling them before they escalate, the BodyGuard was thought up by Brown after a discussion with his friends about a recent mountain lion attack that had him realize that in close-quarters situations, one would want a weapon that feels more natural and instinctive and less supplementary than a knife or a gun.
According to Popular Science, it took Brown only 48 hours to create the prototype. Seven years and 30 prototypes later, though, Brown finally has his first demo model.
The video camera was implemented in the hopes of warding off a situation without resorting to violence. Should that fail, the mounted electrode can be used to stun the assailant. As a last resort, the BodyGuard itself can be used as a weapon.
“BodyGuard will empower officers worldwide,” Brown says, “and it will save lives."