Retired bank worker accused of fraud, 31 senior citizens victims

Posted Feb 10, 2011 by KJ Mullins
During the last five years of her career at a financial institution a woman is accused of fraud with many of her victims elderly citizens say Toronto Police.
According to a police report the accused was employed from March 1, 1994 until August 30, 2007 when she retired. From March 2002 until she retired the suspect is said to have processed unauthorized withdrawals from 43 different accounts consisting of Registered Income Funds (RIF), Life Income Funds (LIF) and Registered Savings Plans (RSP).
In order to avoid being detected it is alleged that she changed mailing addresses to an anonymous location so that victims her victims would not see the withdraw notifications and their bank statements in the mail. These withdrawals affected 31 senior citizens across the nation.
The suspect is accused of directing the funds into her own personal accounts and other accounts totaling $205,849.96.
On Tuesday Alicia Canlas, 59, of Toronto was arrested and charged with fraud over $5,000 and laundering the proceeds of crime.
The Toronto Police Service would like to remind the public to take the following precautions:
1) Check your statements monthly.
2) If you notice any discrepancies, contact your bank or financial advisor immediately.
3) If you do not receive a statement in the mail, follow up with your financial institution.