U.S. officials to scrap color-coded terror alert system by April

Posted Jan 27, 2011 by Lynn Herrmann
The color-coded terror threat system, or Homeland Security Advisory System, will begin a phase-out process beginning this week that will eventually be replaced in April with the Obama administration’s National Terrorism Advisory System.
The Department of Homeland Security announced on Thursday the three-month phase out of the Homeland ...
The Department of Homeland Security announced on Thursday the three-month phase out of the Homeland Security Advisory System, to be replaced with the National Terrorism Advisory System.
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Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security Secretary, announced the change on Thursday, the Washington Post reports. Gone will be recordings at airports notifying passengers of a red, yellow, orange, green or blue coded system that has been in place since March 2002 and in their place will be “imminent” or “elevated” threat status.
A presidential directive by then-president George W. Bush helped create the system in response to the 9/11 attacks.
Over the course of the next three months the Obama administration will unveil the new terrorist threat system which is designed to notify specific groups about specific threats.
According to the Associated Press, a government official said that in some instances a new threat alert warning might target a particular law enforcement group and might only be one page long. That warning might give a threat description, offer suggestions to the enforcement group and advise what the federal government’s actions are involving the threat.
Speaking at George Washington University on Thursday, Napolitano said: “This means that the days are numbered for the automated recordings at airports, and announcements about a color code level that were, too often, accompanied, by little practical information,” the Washington Post noted.
The old system was more famous as a means of increasing anxiety among citizens, doing little to inform the public on necessary actions to deal with the threat, and has been better remembered across the planet as a laughable system.
Continuing in her speech, Napolitano added: “Today, we operate under the premise that individuals prepared to carry out terrorist acts might already be in the country, and could carry out further acts of terrorist violence with little or no warning.”
The new alert system will operate as issued statements from the Department of Homeland Security.