Mischief the horse rescued from swimming pool

Posted Jan 23, 2011 by Lynn Curwin
A horse in the UK, appropriately named Mischief, had to be rescued after he fell into a swimming pool. The four-year-old gelding ended up in the water after he stepped onto the plastic cover of the pool, in Godshill, and fell through.
The owner was able to keep Mischief calm until veterinarian Luke Gamble, of Pilgrims Veterinary Practice, arrived to sedate him so that he could be lifted from the pool.
The Dorset Echo reported that firefighters from Fordingbridge, along with a new animal rescue unit, crewed by fire fighters from Lyndhurst and Brockenhurst, used specialist techniques to pull the horse safely from the water.
'We are pleased to say that Mischief is now safe and well and back in the hands of his owners," the Southern Daily Echo quoted Jim Green, who runs the animal rescue unit, as saying. "Any animal, small or large, that is trapped or in distress can be potentially dangerous.
''It is important to try to keep the animal calm, keep humans away and request the immediate assistance of the fire and rescue service's specialists to rescue the animal, rather than attempting to do so themselves.''
Mischief was soon back in his pasture and doing fine.
Thursday night a horse in the US, called Mikey, fell through a cover into a pool. Because it happened in New York state the temperatures were below freezing and the horse was in water with chunks of ice.
Firefighters were able to rescue the animal but two of them had to be treated for hypothermia.
In December firefighters rescued a horse called Ben, in West Sussex, who fell through the covering into a pool.
A video of Mischief's rescue can be seen on the BBC News website and images of Mikey's rescue can be seen on the Fox News website.