Manny Pacquiao's shortlist does not include Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Posted Dec 5, 2010 by Leo Reyes
The shortlist Bob Arum is bringing along with him when he graces Manny Pacquiao's birthday on Dec. 17 in the Philippines does not include the name of American undefeated boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.
The shortlist contains only three names: American Shane Mosley, Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez and Haitian-American Andre Berto.
Why did Bob Arum omit Floyd's name in his shortlist, which he will present to Manny Pacquiao during his birthday celebration in the Philippines?
Arum believes Mayweather is not ready to face Pacquiao on April 16, the date he marked red in his fight calendar for the pound-for-pound king. Earlier, Arum announced he made reservations with the MGM Grand for a Pacquiao fight on April 16.
A few days ago Golden Boy's Richard Schaefer said Mayweather will have to wait until after Jan. 24 when the undefeated boxer appears in a Nevada court for his multiple cases of assault.
Schaefer, who has promoted all of Mayweather's fights since 2007, said Saturday his preference is to respect the legal process in Nevada before scheduling a Mayweather fight.
Arum said no elected Nevada judge is going to interfere with a bout that could generate $500 million in the state's economy.
"What kind of stupid comment is that from a Harvard lawyer?" Schaefer asked. "Not everyone thinks money first. Money is not above everything. I don't care how much money this is. There's no price on doing things the right way, and if Floyd wants to let his legal process play out before he agrees to the fight, I support him."
Schaefer, however, contends preparing for such an important fight with such a serious legal threat hanging overhead is a tremendous distraction, the report added.
Top-notch Bleacher Report columnist Dave Carlson wrote:
"There is only one fighter from that list who deserves to fight Pacquiao, and that's Juan Manuel Marquez.
"The Mexican boxer has had an excellent year in 2010, and is one of the few fighters who is in contention for Fighter of the Year. He has also proven to be an excellent opponent for Pacquiao, and there's a decent chance that Pacquiao-Marquez could turn into one of the all-time classic trilogies.
"The other two choices are unappealing and hard to justify. Unlike Marquez, who is coming off two consecutive wins against big opponents, Mosley is on a two-fight winless streak. A lopsided loss to Floyd Mayweather and a controversial, but still unimpressive, draw with journeyman Sergio Mora.
"Andre Berto, on the other hand, doesn't have any recent record in major fights because he really hasn't been in any. He is unquestionably an excellent talent and a very good fighter, but it's just hard to fathom someone going from fighting Freddy Hernandez to fighting Manny Pacquiao in his next fight," Carlson added.
Dave Carlson's justification of Juan Manuel Marquez is shared by many boxing fans especially Filipinos and Mexicans.
Manny Pacquiao says he has nothing against a trilogy with Marquez but he is worried the number of people who would like to see the fight are outnumbered by those who would rather see him fight another opponent like Mosley or Mayweather.
Meanwhile, it appears Mosley has bagged the fight as Bob Arum had him on top of the list he is presenting to Manny Pacquiao when he travels to the Philippines in less than two weeks.