Cartoonist suggests violent revolution against US government

Posted Nov 9, 2010 by Michael Krebs
Appearing on MSNBC's 'Dylan Ratigan Show,' leftist political cartoonist Ted Rall calls for financial rebellion and outright violence against the American government.
Radical times call for radical measures - at least this is the thinking of leftist political cartoonist Ted Rall, author of "The Anti-American Manifesto." Mr. Rall appeared on MSNBC's "Dylan Ratigan Show" and described an American government in the throes of failure, citing 20 percent real unemployment figures and a meltdown in the housing market that is forcing millions of people from their homes.
Rall's advice to American citizens and his solutions to the problem of an ineffective government are compartmentalized into four categories:
1. Working within the political system
2. Disrupting the bond and currency markets
3. Passive resistance
4. Violence
Rall suggested that the first three solutions have not yielded any tangible progress.
"We know that the financial markets are getting increasingly monopolized...and they're in bed with the duopoly," Rall explained. According to Rall, the wealthy control too much - and the American populace does "not have time to wait," as the economy is in real trouble.
The Federal Reserve recently injected $600 billion into the markets, a move that pushed up the price of gold and was met with harsh global criticism. U.S. unemployment remains just under 10 percent.
"There is not one attempt at a jobs program from this president," Rall said. "As John Locke said, the people have an obligation to revolt when their government fails."