Op-Ed: Corruption to End, Filipinos to Prosper

Posted Nov 3, 2010 by Maria Narissa Aranzanso
In a recent study by the Social Weather Stations (SWS), many Filipinos believe that their standard of living will improve in the next twelve months to come.
Celebrating the Philippines  Independence Day.
Celebrating the Philippines' Independence Day.
Thirty-eight per cent of adult Filipinos say that their lives will be better while 6 % of them tell that they will be more poverty-stricken. However, based on the same study, 39% of Filipinos believe that the economy of the Philippines will rise in the coming months. Nine per cent believes otherwise.
If we are to base the performance of the President of the Philippine on the said data, we can safely conclude that Filipinos trust him and his administration, and his promises that he will bring comfort to the homes of many Filipinos. There is this large percentage of trust that not only those within his administration will prosper but the whole nation as well.
The reason probably was influenced by the defined policies like elimination of corruption which had risen to a very high level during the previous administration. Actually until now, Transparency International still includes the Philippines as belonging to the top countries with high levels of graft and corruption.
Visits to other countries made by President Aquino and his team were not tainted with luxurious dinners. Instead, the travels abroad are done with financial prudence. It is truly embarrassing when millions of Filipinos are starving, and the government officials are spending millions of pesos for just one lavish dinner.
In a recent executive order, Government Owned and Controlled Corporations (GOCCs) are tasked to trim down the bonuses and put the salaries in order. The government is trying very hard to be serious in its campaign on good governance.
Although questioned by many, and criticized at the same time, the national budget for the next year was already planned to give attention to giving of aids to the poor through Conditional Cash Transfers. Along with this is the moderation of budgets for some government agencies. This had gone as far as to the shutting down of some government offices that were found ineffective in their functions and a redundancy of another agency. It is obvious that the President had seen it as a waste to allot budget to these offices.
The government also had started programs to eliminate corruption and to use funds in the most effective way. But to make it more realistic, the whole endeavor must not end with the fight for corruption only. The government also has to have an effective strategy in other aspects of governance such as giving out jobs, drawing investors, strengthening the educational system, and many more. With this, the Filipinos will truly feel that in the future, the government is truly serious in its gear to make every Filipino prosper.