TopFinds: The mental state of Chilean miners, reaching peak oil

Posted Sep 10, 2010 by David Silverberg
A psychologist discusses the mental anguish facing the trapped Chilean miners. New Zealand recovers from a devastating earthquake. Will we soon reach peak oil? These are the top stories from across the world.
As a show of hope  the relatives have placed 33 Chilean flags in the Desert  near the mine  each rep...
As a show of hope, the relatives have placed 33 Chilean flags in the Desert, near the mine, each representing a mining worker trapped about 700 meters deep inside the mine.
Diario Atacama
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Top Digital Journal Reports

Major damage in Christchurch in wake of quake (Includes first-hand account) by Sharon Davis
Christchurch residents in New Zealand had a rude awakening at about 4.35am this morning as an earthquake rumbled the city, causing much damage.
Psychologist discusses mental anguish Chilean miners face (Includes interview) by Jane Fazackarley
Since early August 33 miners have been trapped at 2,300ft under the ground. Efforts are underway to get them out and early reports said it might take until Christmas before they could be freed. A psychologist explains the mental effects of being trapped.
Canadian Gaza aid flotilla survivor tells story of deadly raid(Includes first-hand account and interview) by Stephanie Dearing
The passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara had been optimistic and upbeat about their mission to take aid to the Gaza Strip, defying Israel's blockade. Survivor Kevin Neish even described the hours before the raid as romantic.
Pacquiao-Margarito Presser at the Big Apple (Includes interview and first-hand account) by Oliver Iglesias
On September 1, around 12:10 p.m, was the start of the second of a three-city tour for the Pacquiao-Margarito bout. The location was Chelsea Pier 60 which offered a magnificent view of the Hudson River -through the glass- from right inside the venue.
 Heart  Advantage: Pacquiao
"Heart" Advantage: Pacquiao
Brazil lifestyle celebrated at Brazil Day Canada Festival (Includes first-hand account) by Andrew Moran
The Brazilian way of life and culture was put on display at the second annual Brazil Day Canada Festival at the Yonge-Dundas Square in downtown Toronto. The event attracted tens of thousands of visitors last year.

Top Images

Chch quake
Chch quake
An Oryx helicopter drops thousand of kilos of water from a  Bambi bucket.
An Oryx helicopter drops thousand of kilos of water from a "Bambi bucket."
The second annual Brazil Day Canada Festival in downtown Toronto.
The second annual Brazil Day Canada Festival in downtown Toronto.
The fire is on  the live firedance show  Tjapukai Aboriginal Park  Cairns  Qld.  Australia.
The fire is on, the live firedance show, Tjapukai Aboriginal Park, Cairns, Qld., Australia.

In the Media

Shocking footage of havoc onboard cruise ship caught in big storm by Laura Trowbridge
The CCTV footage has just been released of what happened aboard a luxury cruise liner when a freak storm hit the ship 400 miles off the New Zealand coast.
Study links meds for sleep and anxiety to increased risk of death by Lynn Curwin
Taking sleeping pills or anxiety medication could increase a person’s risk of dying, according to a University of Laval study.
Study: Certain male dance moves attract women by Laura Trowbridge
Researchers from Northumbria University in Newcastle, UK have discovered what moves women find attractive while watching men dance.
Men dancing at a wedding
Men dancing at a wedding
Vicious Bits
Maya villagers burn down American Crocodile Sanctuary in Belize by Igor I. Solar
A crocodile conservation and education sanctuary run by a US couple in Belize has been destroyed and burnt by local people upset about the disappearance of two children.
World War II mass grave found in northern Slovenia by Gemma Fox
Rumours have circulated in Slovenia for years of a mass slaughter that took place at the end of WWII in Prevalje forest in the north of the country. Now the finding of another mass grave in the area provides more information on these much denied claims.
End of the world: Canadian, U.S. astronauts warn of 'the big one' by Andrew Moran
Astronauts from Canada and the United States are urging governments to get ready for an asteroid that could potentially end civilization as we know it. Ignoring it, says astronauts, would be "foolish" and "ignorant."
Woman fakes cancer to scam people for wedding donations by Amanda Tennis
A bride faked having cancer in order to receive wedding donations from family and strangers. All the wedding expenses were paid for including the honeymoon and bridal dress.
MotoGP Rider Dies after Crash in San Marino by Jane Fazackarley
19 year old Japanese rider Shoya Tomizawa died today after sustaining serious injuries after a crash which occurred at the Misano World Circuit. Two other riders were involved in the accident.
Human remains found in Ontario by KJ Mullins
Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) announced a short time ago that human remains were found in a wooded area near the Town of Caledon this morning.
Husband indicted after maggots ate bed-ridden wife alive by Laura Trowbridge
Maggots and flies were eating away a 46-year-old woman who was bed-ridden with crippling arthritis while her husband apparently did nothing.
Secret German analysis warns of peak oil and coming energy crisis by Stephanie Dearing
Recently economically dominant governments have been turning their attention to studying the future of energy, trying to calculate when there might be an energy crisis.
Puppy-throwing girl may have been caught by Lynn Curwin
Police in Bosnia said that they have identified the girl who was filmed throwing six puppies into a river one by one. They have not released her age or name.
North Carolina restaurant says 'no' to screaming kids by Carolyn E. Price
To take a page from Nike's script, "Just Say No" seems to be a positive for a Carolina Beach restaurant that won't tolerate screaming children in their establishment.

Top Blogs

Anxiety and the First Day of School by Hessie Jones
It never occurred to me how important the first day of school was...
Census Canada 2011 : Short Form Instructions by Waqar Naz
Dear citizens, permanent residents, temporary workers and illegal aliens : We realize that these instructions are...
A few scenes from Queensland, Australia by Joseph Boltrukiewicz
Queensland - an Australian Sunshine State in North-Eastern Australia, located in real tropics. The region with lush...
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